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Friday, March 14, 2014

5 Reasons why Startups should go for Social Media Marketing 03-14

5 Reasons why Startups should go for Social Media Marketing

So it finally happened. You’ve had your eureka moment and managed to transform that idea into a thriving startup. And now you want everybody and their grandma to know that you’re here and ready to bring about change in people’s lives.
Its time to go all out and build your social media presence. And here’s why it matters:
You have a brand that needs bolstering up. You want to capture the imaginations of customers and the paychecks of investors. You want to build up a positive influence. This is where social media marketing comes in and works its magic. Generating public interest about your radical new business idea is the objective.
Start by identifying what target demographic you are hoping to capture. Knowing where your core audience resides makes it easier to focus your social media marketing on the right platforms. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter – you’ve got to come up with a social media strategy as early as possible and outline goals to chart your success rate.
Reach out to more people in Less Time
Social media is viral and we don’t mean the bad medicinal kind. Word travels fast and like a lightning bolt in social media circles. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s very easy to share the most popular news and content on social networks. A strong social media platform is crucial for bringing in the fans and customers for your fledging business. Learn to identify hot trends and the social media mood to bring in customers by the dozens. Join conversations on Twitter. Address customer queries on Facebook. That’s a surefire way to let people know that you mean business and are always listening.
Build Relationships
We call it relationship marketing – the practice of reaching out to your customer base and keeping them engaged with swift responses and awesome content. Granted, cultivating relationships takes time but nothing gets your brand loyalty like relationship marketing. That’s how brand advocates are born, people who continue to generate positive buzz for you.
It all starts with listening and responding to your followers on social media channels accordingly. You can get invaluable feedback that can go towards making your products and services all the more better for everyone.
Fight Fire with…. Effective Crisis Control
Social media does have its flip side. For starters, there’s no longer any way that matters can be resolved through closed doors.
Listen to complaints, negative feedback and assorted gripes from people all over the internet. How you interact with these situations speaks volumes about how seriously you take your customers. Instead of adopting an aloof approach, resolving issues can work in your favor. It builds credibility and trust for your brand and people are more likely to speak of your virtues this way.
Go Social or Go Home
5 years ago people would not have given social med ia the importance that they do today. With traditional advertising channels dwindling in popularity and prominence with every passing day, its not wonder that social media is here to stay.
Are you a startup? Then brace your belts! And hire some awesome social media marketing folks to give your brands a turbo-charged boost!

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