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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

If Gods were to propose and the Human beings were to dispose, would human beings dispose of all the gods at the first instant???

If Gods were to propose and the Human beings were to dispose, would human beings dispose of all the gods at the first instant???

If God were to propose and the Human beings were to dispose, would human beings dispose of all the gods at the first instant???

Not a very human thought, I know

But, would that mean a peaceful world for all of us???

It could perhaps, if we look at recent history, we will find that most of the wars have been fought in the name gods faiths, religion, and beliefs. Inter and Intra religious differences have resulted in both civil & military wars, in turn resulting in huge loss of innocent human lives.

Every neighborhood in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine, Israel, United States, Japan, and many other countries has a saga to narrate of dear ones killed in the battle. Battles have been fought in the name of god, in the name of peace.

We know that there is serene peace & tranquility in death, but given a choice, we would like to have peace based on principles of mutual understanding and coexistence.

I could have easily quoted country wise figures of the precious lives lost since the world wars, but that is not the focus of this article.

Well, there is a very valid argument that, fear of god, and tenets of the religion often keep people disciplined and help promote harmony within the sects and among the sects. I am also prepared to buy the argument that it is a very small minority that is indulging in misinterpretation of the religion to promote terror activities.

Very small minority, yes correct, but the impact, intensity, and the geographic spread of their activities are totally disproportionate to their numbers. Add to this, the over reaction of the various governments, and their extraordinary generosity in spending funds, military hardware, and the deployment of the troops, are the important factors for destruction all around.

Innocent lives are being lost daily due to both terrorist activities and the action by Government troops. A missile or a bomb fired from an aircraft or ground artillery doesn’t distinguish between an innocent, or a guilty individual, doesn’t know as yet to avoid innocent children & women.

The severe impact of excessive allocation of funds for defence   on the global economy is too well known for enunciation. Fledgling economies of West Asia have been driven to pauper status by these needless wars.
The wars are not between the believers and the non believers. They are between the different groups of believers who call the god by different names and have different ways of worshipping the almighty.

There is nothing wrong with the holy books or the scriptures. They all preach love and brotherhood. Intolerance is in the heart and the minds of the individuals or groups and not in the faiths or religions.

Now coming back to the basic question……

If there were no gods or religions, would there still be wars and destruction???

Well, it may not bring end to all wars and loss of human life, but, yes it would remove a very big reason for it. And even one reason less for war is a less war and more peace.

And that would mean less investment for defence and more for building economies. It would mean more investments for education, agriculture, technology, and infrastructure. That would mean more jobs, more affluence. When everyone is busy building economy and affluence, thought of a war would be the last thing on their mind.

With all these glorious possibilities, the question is …

If the human being has the power to dispose, will he…

Well it may seem an insane thought, but a thought that could lead to a saner world.

People may think I am dreaming,sleep writing, in deep slumber.

May be yes…

In that case, don’t wake me up; the other side is too harsh to bear.

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