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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Management+ 10-13

Important note

I am receiving a lot of queries through mails and comments asking for more information on Management+. 

Here is my explanation.

 Thanks for your comments.

These virtual classes are not affiliated to any University or academy. This is aptly named Management+, because it is a very humble effort on my part to narrow the gap between, what the industry requires and what the academy delivers.

These classes are in addition to what is being already taught in the institute. As such it is a value addition to what is already being taught, and an empowerment tool for the students,

I have had the privilege of being associated with both academy and industry. The vast number of candidates I interviewed during the past few years seemed to lack the wherewithal required for the jobs.

My association with the prestigious management institutions like Harvard, Mckinsey, Balance Score Card community, and others have placed me at position where I have access to most modern and regularly updated management resources.

I would like to share these and various case studies and white pages with the students so that they are acquainted with the practical side of management resources and their applications.

I am also in the process of associating some more global management institutes in the endeavor.

Coming to virtual class rooms. These are the interactive classes delivered live to the computers of the students and the management institutes.

Management+ are the classes delivered free to the management students located any where in the world.We only charge Rs.200 towards registration per class to take care of our administrative expenses, for which we will be occasionally sending free case studies or white papers.
The process details and other information is already there on this page

Thanks once again for your interest.

Best wishes,


 “Management +” on Google+ from Vidya Nidhi, direct to your computer.

We are conducting series of management classes relevant to the students in their degree or post graduation including MBA. These classes will make the students more management savvy and help them to perform better in interviews. These classes are applicable to the students of all streams of management, and other graduation streams.

The virtual classroom will consist of a lecture by me (Shyamsunder Panchavati) for 40 minutes followed by question & answer session for twenty minutes. Total session will be of one hour duration.The virtual class will be through Google+ Hangouts. with help of Audio and power point presentation.


  1. Create a Google+ Account:
Google + account can be created from your Gmail account. Log into your Gmail account. On the top dash board bar on your n your left, you have + you icon, click it to create your Google+ account. After creating the account, write my full name Shyamsunder Panchavati in the top search bar and click  the tab ”Follow” with this you will be following me.

       2.  You will receive a confirmation mail from me confirming the receipt of money and the slot and                                  other details about the procedure.   I will create circle for you which will ensure your virtual seat for the lecture. Please login ten minutes before the scheduled time into your Google+ account and wait. You will get a prompt to join the Hangout. Click the Green button and you become part of the audience. 

To know about the virtual class room through Google+ Hangouts,please read my article

How to Use Google Hangouts for Teaching

Those  registering with us will receive our contact email id where they can contact us in case of doubt.

Management+ programme is for individual students, Institutions are not eligible to participate in this programme.
Bank Particulars

   Please transfer the funds to

Shyamsunder Panchavati

SB Account No. 427010100331067 

Axis Bank LTD

Dr. A.S.Rao Nagar Branch

After making the payment submit the form   Here 

Management+ Virtual class room lecture III


How to overcome Interview Blues. Interview Ethics, Etiquette,Handling difficult questions,           Pre-requisites, manners, mannerisms.


 Indian Students Rs.200

International Students USD $ 15.00

Mode of payment:

Online transfer to our account as per details furnished above.

International students can pay through PayPal or by credit cards.

After making the payment please contact us Here  


Monday the 24th October  evening 6.00PM to 8.00 PM (Repeat)

Tuesday the 25th October evening 6.00 PM to 8.PM

One hour  lecture,one hour question-answers, discussions,doubts

Management+ Virtual class room lecture IV


How to build the Brand "YOU". Design the life you want


 Indian Students Rs.200

International Students USD $ 15.00

Mode of payment:

Online transfer to our account as per details furnished above.

International students can pay through PayPal or by credit cards.

After making the payment please contact us Here  


Friday the 28th October  evening 6.00PM to 8.00 PM 

(40 minutes  lecture,20 minutes question-answers, discussions,doubts)

Saturday the 29th October evening 6.00 PM to 8.PM  

Student Profile for Free Online classes 07-16

Instructions : After submitting the form you will be taken to a page containing Ads and & offers offers. PLEASE IGNORE THEM AND SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE. PLEASE CLICK ON THE TAB "CONFIRM" ,WE WILL GET THE MESSAGE..WE ARE NOT CONNECTED WITH THE ADS.

Student Profile for Free Online classes