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Friday, September 16, 2011

Guest Lecture Form 09-16

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Vidya Nidhi Guest Lecture Form

Saturday, September 10, 2011

आज के नेता,भारत भाग्य विधाता

आज के नेता,भारत भाग्य विधाता 
 अविनीति से धुले हैं,और भ्रस्ताचार के पुतले 

अब नेता नाही, सब अभिनेता बन कर रह गये हैं 
कार्य कुशलता शून्य हैं,ढोंग के देवता रह गये  हैं
अभिनेता सब असमंजस में पद गये , की भाई,
अगर वो अभिनेता हैं तो हम क्या  हैं,
हमने कहा ,भाई आप भी  नेता बन जाओ ,
अभिनेता अपने आप बन जाओंगे  

आईटी से तो परे हो जाओगे , साथ में,
जेल में भी "राजा"कहलाओगे.
राज नेता हमेशा "अमर " होते हैं,
मौत तो बस उसूलों के होती हैं. 

पर ये न समझो,नेताओ की बस है  चांदी,
इन सब में छुपी  है एक आंधी, 
कर दिया हैं जिसने बड़ो बड़ों को ख़ाक 

नाम के ही सही,अभिनेता बने रहो,
नाम और शोहरत के हमेशा धनिरहो 
ये है श्याम की बानी,
छोटा मुह ही साही,लगे सबको सयानी.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Collaborators for Vidya Nidhi

“Vidya Nidhi” would now like to collaborate with Universities-Schools, Academies, of international repute located preferably in USA. The minimum pre-requisite is a decent global ranking and respectable ranking in USA from the prestigious Ranking institutions like US News, Bloomberg, Financial Times, and others. We are only looking at Tier One Institutions. India has a wealth of talent of and is a warehouse of quality content, however these are already accessible to the Indian Institutions and Academies, We are looking at premium content and imparting technologies not presently accessible to the Indian Institutions.

United States has always led the world in developing new technologies and streams in imparting of management domains, in fact in all the education domains. This is proven by the fact that the highest number of Noble Laureates are from United States. We want the same to reach the students in other regions of the third world, especially rural India. We are also looking to collaborate with Institutions imparting in the areas of Development Management   (Not for Profit), International Policy, Advocacy, Fund Raising, and any other stream applicable to the third world and BRIC countries.

“Vidya Nidhi” was conceived after years of research in to the education system in India, followed by visits to the campuses in Andhra Pradesh interaction with the students, the faculty, the management on one side, and interaction with the senior and “C” level managers through various social media platforms on the other side. These have helped us in need assessment of the corporates, and in identifying the lacunae in the management education. Based on the data collected we have drawn some conclusions.“Vidya Nidhi” is an effort to create facilitation to help remove the lacunae.

The management scenario in the world is that, there some extraordinary institutions, where every student that enters is not only assured of a well paid job but also a meaningful career growth. There are many other decent Institutions which are less empowered but still the student is assured of a decent job. But majority of the Institutions that impart Management Education leave the students to fend for themselves they eventually land up in jobs which neither pay well nor lead to a career growth. We would like help these institutes to raise the bar and position their aspirations a notch higher to compete with the best, and produce highly empowered students. For the institutes that are already producing good management students. We would like to hone their management skills and add Finesse to their attributes.

“Vidya Nidhi” is in the process of evolving a new Phyllotaxy in Management imparting

“Vidya Nidhi” is a global platform for imparting management education through “Virtual Class Room” with each classroom having just one institute as a recipient of the stream, with the stream customized to the needs of that particular institution.

We are almost through our Alpha stage and planning to launch the Beta version soon. We are in the process of receiving applications from the Management schools. We will start the short listing process soon to select our partners for implementing the Beta stage. The main version will be launched during the academic sessions 2012-2013.

We would like “Vidya Nidhi” to be a full-fledged web portal with knowledge center, Research center, an open house for the people to express themselves and involve in fruitful discussion. It will be more less a self contained virtual University. Everything will be in the cloud, and ultimate aim is to have a cloudy world.A world full of clouds, that rain knowledge everywhere.

You are welcome to join us in this Endeavour, if you meet our minimum eligibility criteria, please join in creating “Vidya Nidhi” the wealth in the form of Knowledge. Please contact us HERE

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