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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

International Exposure

Golden opportunity for elite educational institutions in India to get National and International Exposure on a site having a viewership in 100 countries and ranking among the top 2% websites in the world (Alexa Rankings).

The elite educational Institutions invest heavily in infrastructure, Intellectual assets and quality faculty acquisition. These institutions often find the ROI often poor and some time even below the manageable limits.

Now, there is good news for such institutions. A new category of elite parents have emerged as a result of reverse immigration. Reverse Immigration is a process wherein NRIs immigrate back to India.1% of the almost 25 million Indians are returning to India every year and this percent is likely to increase in future. This works out to about 2.5 Lacs Indians returning back to India. 

These people are in the age group of about 35 to 45 having children in the group of 5 to 20 yrs. The total strength works to about 85,000 to 1,00,000. These are the parents who would pay a little extra money for quality education. And these parents also do have any geographic preferences. This naturally puts the ordinary run of the mill Institutions out of the competitions, leaving only a few select Elite Schools   making the competition and healthy.

Then there parents in India the upper crest in the middle management and senior management jobs in technology domains. These discerning parents can differentiate between the ordinary and the elite institutions. These people have the intellect and the investment to admit their children in the elite institutions.

Now all these parents are our viewers and readers of quality management posts from us. We will take you to their attention and create useful leads for you. You can interact with them and convert them into your lasting customers. These people are highly influential and have the capacity to bring in more admissions for you.

We would like to take onboard only a select few that can afford our plan. We are also open to working out a more permanent inbound marketing plan to establish a permanent channel of revenue for the institutions.

In case you think you are elite, and have the confidence that once leads are generated, your quality will speak and convert the leads into long term customers, then read further details.

To know

What we are??

How we will reach the target audience??

What you have to invest???

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