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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shyam's Online Lecture for Interview 03-29

Shyam's Online Lecture specially for students appearing for campus interviews

Date:      : 7th April 2012
Time       : 6.00 PM (Indian Standard Time) on 7th April 2012
Duration : 90 minutes (session may extend as per the need.)
Cost        : Rs. 150.00 per head 

(please share this information with your class mates and fellow student)

All about transforming Interview blues into Interviews greens by enrichment,empowerment.
Allow us transform you into a RAM that blasts the wicket gate to success and freedom.
Shyam has been interviewing candidates for almost three decades. He has conducted campus interviews in some of the prestigious universities and campuses.

We would like to devote a one & half hour session in our next online lecture. We would like to tentatively schedule the lecture on Thursday the 7th April 2012.

If required we will conduct a  free followup session for the participants of this session sometime around 20th April 2012. We will confirm  the & time during the session.

We know that it is not possible to make the students job ready in 90 minutes.However we can enrich their knowledge and boost the confidence to the extent possible in this session.

We have decided to use some rich content, some case studies and some videos. from our content warehouse, we are  in the process of compiling for our Next Step Forward Project.

We would also like the students to write to us about the difficulty they are facing during the interview.

They can use the contact form to send us their problems. HERE
We will prepare the lecture content with these problems in focus..

No registration is required to send the feed back, it is free.You need to pay only if you want to attend the class.

Costs and Payment mode

International institution can make the payment by PayPal  or credit card HERE

Bank Particulars

 Please transfer the funds to

Shyamsunder Panchavati

SB Account No. 427010100331067 

Axis Bank LTD

Dr. A.S.Rao Nagar Branch

After making the payment please Click Here to fill the form about your particulars.

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