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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3.51% Engineers are job ready 03-13

 The National Employability Report of Engineering Graduates done by Aspiring Minds. presents a very deplorable picture.

While a dismal 3.51 per cent are appropriately trained to be directly deployed on projects. Only 2.68 per cent are employable in IT product companies, which require greater understanding of computer science and algorithms, according to the National Employability Report of Engineering Graduates done by Aspiring Minds.

This is in total sync with disappointment expressed by the corporates and other employers regarding poor delivery levels of the candidates recruited directly from the campuses.

We are aiming at helping the students and employer's cause through our Incisive Incubators for nurturing talent. Before we go further, we feel, you have a right to know our credentials and credibility for taking up such a huge responsibility.

We at Capacity Building & Development are contributing in our humble way to resolve this problem by the twin initiatives of Facilitation and  Empowerment. 

From 2008, we are working on a three pronged initiative.

1 Facilitation  of employment through our Jobs Everywhere, We have published more than a million jobs in more than hundred countries.

2.Through enlightening articles and posts. While we have had global readership and millions of views on our CBD blog. We have recorded a highly respectable number of views on third party blogs also. On Silicon India blog Shyam's articles have recorded more than half a million views, that on wikiHow is also a highly respectable 145,000 views.

3.Through  direct visits to campuses and interactions with students and faculty.We have also conducted a number of campus recruitment drives in Andhra Pradesh..

As result of all this Shyam's clout globally has grown and last year he was invited to the experts panel at Mckinsey & Co for their Mckinsey Quarterly. Shyam has successfully has contributed his perspective on many global issues related to Economy,Industry, and Education.

In February this year Shyam was invited to join the Advisory Council by Harvard Business Review. On 8th February Shyam joined the Advisory Council of Harvard Business Review as an Advisor.

What we plan to do

For the institutions we are working on empowerment of Faculty and enrichment of students knowledge and enhancement of their delivery levels through our 

Faculty Empowerment Programme

Next Stop Forward  The student enrichment programme.

For Corporates and the Employers

We are designing highly customizable Incisive Incubators for nurturing talent at the Academic Institutions.

Corporates can contact us for more information on this project. We will be happy to interact with them.It will be highly appreciated if you contact us through the form. Once we hear from you we will be happy to provide you our email and telephone contact details.

Now Please read the National Employability Report 

Best wishes,


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