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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Global B-Schools show interest in our “Incisive Incubators” (Eyes2) project 03-08

Global B-Schools show interest in our “Incisive Incubators” (Eyes2) project.

After almost a week after we announced our   “Eyes2” project, encouraging responses have started trickling in from B-Schools with top twenty global rankings. Inquisitive inquiries and desire to collaborate in providing content, case studies, and the technology have come from the prestigious Institutions. We are on the work and very shortly you will see some committed statements from us. We may even mention some names.

While it is still early days, it gives motivation and a boost to our sustained efforts. While still on this, a curious and interesting development is the Wharton B-School getting interested in us through their Knowledge@ Wharton. They are following Shyam (shyam17) on Twitter. 

Wharton is the World's first collegiate business school, established in 1881 .

In spite of our clarification, we are still getting a large number of mails from Institutions requesting for Campus recruitment drives. We are very serious about helping the Institutions and more specifically the students in getting meaningful employment. In fact our entire work is in that direction only. After firming up with the global institutions, we will be approaching the corporates with the credentials of global delivery levels. In fact we did have some peep ins from some entrepreneurs. We will approach them at the appropriate time. Based on the actual recruitment needs, we will invite the institutions to go through the process of evaluation and short listed ones will work with us.

That does not mean that we are indifferent to the needs of the institutions.  We want to help them in the current session too.  

We are keen to know as to

Why they are not getting sufficient number of recruitment drives???

 How we can be useful in helping them approach the entrepreneurs with confidence???

You can feel free to claim your  exclusive webinar with Shyam, where you can have one to one discussions, We may be able to work out short term programme to make your students interview ready, and probably make you more confident to approach the prospective  employers. May be we can make your introduction letters weighty.

Click Here  to claim your exclusive webinar.

We do not believe in providing crutches to your students. Instead we would like to make their legs so strong that they carry them throughout their life confidently even in crisis and adversities.

Talk to us, be frank, we may probably be able to open the doors of opportunities for you.
Claim your webinar, and be patient, if there is delay in getting a slot. You know, we are occupied with ongoing projects which are still at the beginning stages.

Best wishes,


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