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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Incisive Incubators for nurturing management talent 02-22

Eyes 2

Corporates and employers, please help us create Incisive Incubators for nurturing talent to take over responsibilities raise the bar and set new horizons of growth and prosperity.

The quality of curriculum and imparting is a frequently bemoaned subject. So also is the gulf between standards required by the industry and the standards delivered by the academia. Industry has to absorb huge losses in terms of money and time spent in gestation period that is spent in training the new entrants.

Don’t you think, we should come out of all these, and treat time and investment with more respect????

Some efforts are being made to make the candidates job ready, but they fall short of the requirement.
To address this situation, we have planned to create “Incisive Incubators” (eyes 2).  These Incubators will be the places where selected and shortlisted candidates will be put through their paces in management mantra, entrepreneurial skills, man management, strategic, and inbound business skills.

The imparting will be through theory classes, work on case studies, and critical problem solving techniques in simulated labs.

For this we are working on a collaboration process with two types of Academic Institutions.
The first category will be the top of the drawer global institutions preferably among the top twenty in the world. We are keenly observing certain institutions where exhaustive research is going on in the entrepreneurial labs, at the same time there are institutions where untiring efforts are going on developing newer tools for optimization and lean management. These and other such institutions will provide us the resources and tools. I am already associated with two of the best in the management industry, Harvard Business Review & Mckinsey & Co  

The depth of imparting and duration of the incubation will be decided after in-depth discussions with the corporates. The objective of course is to give people to the corporates who can deliver to the global standards. The “eyes 2” alumni will form the two vigilant eyes of the organization and will enable a seamless succession management.

The second category of Academic Institutions will be the one’s which will provide us the students that will form a part of the “eyes 2”.  We have just started contacting the Institutions; we will be conducting a series of webinars followed by physical visits to evaluate the institutions.

Based on our assessments we will create regional “eyes 2” hubs. These hubs will be located at some of the will run institutions in various regions. In view of the shortage of quality imparters, the programme will be delivered in a staggered mannered.

We will shortlist the candidates as per the confirmed requirements of the corporates. The talent will be delivered as per the pre-scheduled calendar.

Costs :

The first part of the costs related to resources will be borne by the corporates. The second part that relates to imparting and hospitality & logistics related to the imparters and students will shared between the corporates and the Institutions in a ratio to be decided after discussion with both.

There is only one entity that can make this programme either a high-end success or a glorious failure, and that is the corporate entity. This is the “third eye” that can impact decisively.
This project is still in alpha stage, and is work in progress. We would like suggestions from the corporate industry on the shape size and intensity of the programme. Due to excessive spam, we are not able to give out our contact particulars on web.  We request the corporates to contact us through the form. On the receipt of the form, we will immediately send our address, email id and contact phone particulars for further interactions.

Together, let us strive to produce & promote extreme quality at all levels.

Best wishes,


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