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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brochure II 02-21

Next Step Forward
Everyone understands the problem.........

The GAP between the expectations of the Industry


The delivery level of the Academy.

 The Academy has the will to raise to the standards of imparting to Industrial requirements. However they have constraints.

They are fettered by the constraints

1.Imposed by the curriculum.

And why not???

The percentages are linked to it, and percentages still play a huge role in the employability of the candidates.

2. Imposed by the constantly changing employability criteria of the industry.

Thanks to the recession and ever increasing optimization standards imposed by it, The industry is insisting on "Ready to deliver" candidates. They need candidates who can think in global perspective and implement it in relation to the local needs & environment.

The Gen "Y" needs to be quick adopter, and needs to be an important part of the succession management.
Next Step Forward looks beyond the employment of the candidate. It factors the sustainability & growth aspects for the candidates.

We know that

The programme while imparting interview skills also familiarizes the students with global management trends
and imparts the basic knowledge about the Lean Management Systems, Balance Score Card,Important aspects of TPS (Toyota Management system}like

Muda, Mura, Muri

Jidoka, Nemawashi, and Poka Yoke.

These form very important aspects of Strategic Planning & Operation. This programme will help them seamlessly dissolve in to the system of the organization and contribute to its success and growth from day one.

Last but not the least, This programs also strengthens the hands of TPO of the Institution. The TPO is in a position to offer something extra and unique to the prospective employer.It also give increase confidence to the TPO to approach top tier organization, ensuring a higher package to the candidates  Once we train the candidates, we also allow you to use our name and exclusiveness of our training methodology, plus we will also issue a testimonial.stating that the students have undergone the incubation process under our expert guidance and are ready to shoulder responsibilities.

We will also affirmatively answer any verification communication from the prospective employers.

It will be a Five day programme at the Institution,consisting of approximately eight to ten modules (depending institutional need) followed by four three session once weekly through virtual imparting (online).The dates and timings will be decided during the training as per mutual convenience.

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