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Friday, November 7, 2014

IIT Kharagpur to invite professors, scholars from foreign varsities 11-07

IIT Kharagpur to invite professors, scholars from foreign varsities

The premier Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur) will invite professors and scholars from foreign universities in addition to offering joint Doctors of Philosophy (PhDs) with leading global institutes.
IIT Kharagpur has recently launched the Shri Gopal Rajgarhia International Program under which atleast 10 professors from top international universities will visit the campus each year for few months.
According to IIT Kharagpur officials, every year around 30 global scholars will be invited for research activities at IIT Kharagpur. Currently the institute is engaged in discussions with various universities based in the United States (US), Australia, Europe and Japan for the purpose. Students of the joint PhD program will receive a doctorate from IIT Kharagpur and an international varsity. The students will pursue their studies at both the institutes. Moreover, there will be global workshops and other activities with the foreign university.
The joint program is expected to commence in January, 2015. At present, over 200 PhD degrees are granted by the IIT every year, which is expected to be increased to 400. The aim now is that around 25% of the PhDs should be joint PhDs. IIT Kharagpur will have foreign students at the campus studying for such joint PhDs, the officials added.
The institute’s alumni have also contributed in funding the initiative. According to them, lack of international exposure has resulted in IIT Kharagpur’s poor performance in global rankings. The new initiative will help IIT Kharagpur improve its ratings and carve a niche for itself in the international education arena.
In addition to student/faculty exchange programs, IIT Kharagpur is infusing a global element in its courses by offering micro-specializations with an international collaborator. IIT Kharagpur has already launched the International Summer and Winter Term (ISWT), under which students/faculty from India and overseas are participating. The subjects of the new programs are based on present-day multi-disciplinary topics of science, management, engineering and law. The program will offer an opportunity to students of other educational institutes to pursue short-term courses at IIT Kharagpur, which will be conducted by an international faculty. The program has been designed to provide a common ground for faculty as well as participants from India and overseas.

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