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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Goodbye Stress, Hello Success 07-13

Goodbye Stress, Hello Success

Stress is a disease of the 21st Century. It axes years from your life. Stress affects work output, causing failure and unhappiness. We need to develop internal protection from the challenges of life. 

You attribute your stress to an external agency. You believe your mother-in-law, boss or the weather causes your stress. Vedanta says that nothing in the world has the power to disturb you except yourself. You may eliminate the mother-in-law, change your job, re-locate to another country; your unrest will remain the same. Stress is an internal phenomenon. Hence the solution lies within.

Just as mammals developed the capacity to maintain the same body temperature in all weather conditions, human beings have the ability of keeping the mind calm in turbulent circumstances by ‘attitude control’. 

Make an assessment of the world in which you live. Evaluate your immediate family members, colleagues and friends, their strengths and weaknesses. Then their faults will amuse and not irritate you.

calm, intellect sharp and actions brilliant. 

What disturbs the mind? Negativity and desire. Tackle these internal causes and the mind remains serene even if a storm rages outside. The mind takes easily to negativity. The intellect helps withdraw the mind from negative channels and think positively. 

Stress is defined as mental turbulence caused by unfulfilled desire. Hence in the Bhagwad Gita Krishna describes desire as enemy using four words– panthin, vairin, nitya vairin and shatru. 

Yet you encourage and increase desire!

 Unbridled desire causes havoc. When fulfilled it leads to greed. Achieve still more and you get deluded with success. You envy those who have more than you and are arrogant towards those who have less. When desire is blocked your thoughts get deflected towards the obstruction as anger. 

Uncontrolled desire prevents enjoyment. A calm mind is necessary to enjoy the good things of life. Desire comes in the way of meaningful relationships as you take the stand – 

My way or the highway!

Unrestrained desire results in failure. The mind meanders to the unproductive avenues of past worry and future anxiety. This may have caused the early dismissal of Roger Federer from the Wimbledon! The mind focuses on what you do not have and gets attached to what you have, causing tremendous mental agitation and suffering. 

Rise above desire and enjoy the object of desire. Desire is the greatest obstacle to obtaining the object of desire. Crave for a thing and it will elude your grasp. Let go, it will come to you. There are three ways of handling desire. Desire management gives relief. Desire reduction gives comfort and desire elimination brings bliss. Scan your desire with the intellect.

Fix a higher goal. As your mind is engaged in the higher pursuit, lower desires drop. Work dedicatedly, wholeheartedly,  detachedly. 

Every action becomes perfect. You attain extraordinary success. You find happiness in the action itself. And you grow spiritually

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