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Monday, November 26, 2012

Get great mileage for small investment. Advertise with us. 11-27

Get huge mileage & visibility out of small investment. Advertise on our  “Capacity  Building & Development “ (CBD) Blogs.

About us:

As is well known, we are a very small organization; almost a one man effort running from the  home. During these five years, amidst difficulties, we have built this movement brick by brick over the last five years. In the process we have built a huge network of people in more than hundred countries spread across six continents. Through word of mouth & through voluntary efforts of people who got benefited through us, the reach of various blogs are increasing by day. Plus social networks have helped increase the visibility of our various blogs. We have highly respectable figures, in terms of page views, unique page views, bounce rate and others.  Alexa ranks us amongst the top half percent of the websites in the world. As a policy we do not reveal our web stats.

Why these Ads?

We do all our work without generating any revenue. Now we find it difficult to keep this effort running without monetary help. Hence we have decided raise money to meet our establishment and recurring costs. On experimental basis we have decide to create five to six  slots on our pages and host advertisement from five to six clients.  This being the first time, we will charge money but it is not a commercial transaction. We will not commit on assured results in terms of visibility & hits. We expect the customers to treat this investment as an act of philanthropy, and be satisfied with results generated.

How We do it?

CBD has for the first time in its five year existence, decided to host advertisements on all of its blogs. There are about five to six slots on various locations on various locations of our various blogs. These five to six organization will have visibility on all of the more than 10,000 pages of our various blogs. This being the first time, we have not segmented either the blogs or the Advertisers. There will be no rotators. Same Ad will show per slot every time the page is refreshed, visited, or hit. Hence the visibility for each of the Advertisers will be the same as the total page views.

Our various Blogs

  1. Capacity Building & Development  (Home Page)
  2. Career blog (Hosts the latest Content in the management from reputed sources)
  3. Jobs Everywhere (Home page hosting links to jobs from more than 100 countries)
  4. Jobs Everywhere inner pages that actually contain job posting.(most viewed blog.)
  5. Knowledge-Korridor the Knowledge Conundrum Gateway that leads to the knowledge intellect on various blogs on Capacity Building & Development.
  6. Video  This blog hosts You tube and other Videos related to the management content on our blogs,
  7. Mangeshi Marvel. This blog is about Lata Mangeshkar & her family. Contains exclusive photographs, rare music videos shared by Lata ji herself.
  8. Season’s Greetings is a music blog contains very selective music videos in English, Hindi, other languages. It also contains some classic music videos containing Jazz & classical music.
  9. Mousiki is a music blog contains old film songs rendered by Talat Mahmood, Noor Jehan, Mehdi Hasan, others.
Your ad will appear simultaneously on all the nine blogs for a period of three months from the date it is published.

Who can advertise:

You can advertise,

If your target customers are in USA or India, The visibility & impact in other countries will be much less.

If you are marketing products relevant to Academicians, Academic Institutions, or if you are an Academic Institution seeking to market content, or your institution in India & or United States. Or as per our visibility stats mentioned below.

If you  have products that can be marketed to the software organizations, corporates, CEOs, and other “C” level executives.

If you have products that students can use. Like course ware, online classes, online imparting & others.
 Others kindly write to us to confirm whether it would be worth investing on our blogs.


If you have a website or a blog that could interest all the segments above.

Visibility & Exposure.  

We do not reveal our page view stats. We are not a commercial organization. For us reaching more number of needy people in more number of countries, and being able to make available jobs and knowledge is the most important goal. We are not charging our customers on the basis of number of assured impressions.

We will neither change our work pattern or go out of the way to get more visibility to our advertisers. To us what we do and the way we do is more important to us than anything else. We would like to associate with people with philanthropic mindset. We just need five or six advertisers.

The Visibility Ratio

The percentage value for visibility for our blog in India and USA is as follows.

USA 35 to 37 %

India 17 to 19 %

UK 10 to 13 %

The rest is spread across more than 100 countries across Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, & Oceania.

We are starting this on an experimental basis, & our commitment is for the next three months only. After that we will review the situation and take an appropriate decision.

Cost for three months                                                                         Rs.                     USD $

Top banner size   728x90 pixel .                   View sample                   50,000               1,200.00
(Just above the page title) one Ad

Bottom banner  728x90 pixel                        View Sample                  20,000                  600.00 
(Below  the comments area) 2 Ads.

Side bar rectangle banner 180x150 pixel       View Sample                  30,000                  750.00
(on the side bar at the top) 3 Ads.

The Ads will show for  three months from the date they are uploaded. The customer will receive a confirmation mail with all details once the Ad is uploaded.

Please note you will have to send images in, JPG, JPEG, Giff, Omni file along with the text & link to your website or blog.In case you don't have a website or blog, we will create a page for you on our blog with your text & images.

Please write to us in case you need any help in creating the banners or web page.

For more information, please contact us at 

Best Wishes,


Shyamsunder Panchavati

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