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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

EHDC Global MBA 11-14


Last Chance for Scholarships - Deadline for January Applications 10th December.

Candidates interested in the January 2013 intake of the EDHEC Global MBA are invited to complete their application before 10th December*.
The EDHEC Global MBA's guaranteed scholarship policy is still in place for the January intake, providing a reduction in tuition fees of up to 60% and bringing fees to 14 400 euros for the complete 10 month programme.

Candidates are reminded that it is not necessary to make a special scholarship request as they are awarded automatically according to the criteria valued by the selection committee in a transparent
list of scholarships.

It is possible to apply without the GMAT in a first place, secure a 1st Nationality scholarship (if accepted and enrolled), and then 
upgrade your scholarship automaticallyonce the GMAT score is reported. Note that it is also possible to retake the GMAT any number of times before term starts, in order to reach the next scholarship value.

One of the French participants commented, "One of the reasons I chose EDHEC for my MBA program was the large variety of scholarships offered. Compared to other schools, I found the EDHEC scholarship policy to be more transparent and more generous. Moreover, each scholarship is obviously aimed at increasing the quality of the program: the "1st Nationality" scholarship and the Diversity" scholarship increase the student diversity; the "Excellence" scholarship attracts high-GMAT scorers; the "Global 500" scholarship and "Entrepreneurship" scholarship attract both employees of large companies and entrepreneur profiles. I found the awarding conditions listed on EDHEC website so clear that it allowed me to better plan my budget as I moved forward in my MBA application."

One American student who missed out on the 1st Nationality Scholarship but was awarded an Experience Scholarship decided to retake the GMAT since he knew that he could do better on the test. "I was motivated to do this because the difference in tuition payments was sizeable" he states. "I also knew for sure that if I hit the score I was aiming for, I'd get the corresponding scholarship. There was nothing ambiguous or misleading in the policy. In the end the financial rewards of retaking the GMAT offset the couple weeks of prep time it took to ensure a better score and a higher scholarship." 

If you are in the process of finalizing your application or wish to 
apply now, please contact the MBA Admissions Office for assistance throughout the process.

Fees for the September 2013 intake will increase to 38 000 euros. Applications are now in process.
* Candidates requiring a visa should ensure with local authorities that this date allows sufficient processing time to make the January 3rd start date.

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