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Monday, August 29, 2011

Virtual Class room 08-28

"Vidya Nidhi" The virtual class rooms by CBD. A program to facilitate the management colleges specially in Rural areas not in a position to access the best in ,Faculty, Content, & curriculum planning

Management Institution: wherever you are located, you raise the bar; we will help you cross it. Please use our “Online Imparting” through “Virtual Classrooms” at fraction of costs you incur for various resources, and take your institution to the next level.

Educational Institutions, Management Academies, now that the admission process has been completed and serious imparting has begun, it is time to consolidate and acquire values that could take you to a position where you can compete with the next level of institutions.

Getting employment for your students was a goal you all strived to fulfill last year and succeeded. This year you may be looking to raise the bar and ensure that the employment you provide, gives them higher quality in terms of professional and monetary satisfaction.

This naturally needs a comparative scaling up in imparting standards,& study materials. The improvement in the quality of materials, case studies, and the exposure to the real time market realities is the acute need. The best of the institutions sometimes find it difficult to source all these. The budget constraints are the biggest road blocks to the fulfillment of desires and aspirations and as always can create a big gap between the objectives and achievements. But now you can get all this and more at the fraction of the costs.

We at Capacity Building & Development (CBD) are constantly working at bringing improvement in the quality of resources, and finally, international recognition has come our way in some measure. This year your Shyam was fortunate enough to be on the executive panels of two of the best global organizations namely Mckinsey & Company and Balance Score Card community’s Palladium. The Palladium projects are sponsored by Harvard Business School and Microsoft Corporation.

We have devised a unique virtual way of sharing these resources with the management institutions the world over. Yes this is a global program not constrained by the Geographical boundaries. The package will consist of virtual class lectures in all the streams of management. Special imparting on Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Balance Score Card, Lean Manufacturing & Management, Digital Marketing & Social Media empowerment and management will be imparted.

If the institutions are in India we will visit the institutions discuss and evaluate and design a need based package. We will also allow you to use our name in your promotions. Shyamsunder Panchavati is already an established name in management globally. His knowledge and contribution to the management domain have been recognized by global corporates like Mckinsey & Company, & Palladium Group. Apart from these he is a featured author on wikiHow and Silicon India. He has delivered guest lectures at many educational institutions & Corporates. His articles command huge readership on CBD and many other social media platforms and blogs. Especially people in the education & imparting field follow his articles. This is reflected by the presence 26% people among his 968 Linkedin followers from the education domain.

Those institutions not in India the discussions can be through Skype or telephone. After the discussions, the requirements will be identified and a correct package will be designed at an affordable price. Initially the imparting will be done by Shyamsunder Panchavati, later on as per the need we will hire faculties, and budget permitting we would try to purchase some resources and case studies from Harvard & Wharton and other reputed institutions. At the time of finalizing the agreement we will clearly state the resources we will provide and they will be specific and different for each Institution.

Mode of Imparting:

The mode of imparting will be “Virtual” through live online classrooms. However it will not be through webinars. We will be using a more customized method and the class room will be for one specific institution only. it will naturally be interactive and students will have the facility to ask questions. There is no limit to the number of students per classroom. All you will need is high speed internet connection a computer and a LCD projector. The imparting will be with the help of lecture, power point presentations and video. We will use the most modern Google+ Hangout for the transmission. We will help out the institutions in getting Google+ id if not already available.

There is another situation where the virtual classroom will be useful for the institution. In case there is a situation, where the faculty has left and for various reasons the vacancy cannot be fulfilled. We will, depending on the availability of time and resources, take the responsibility of imparting the subject through virtual classroom.

Or you are located in rural part or countryside where good faculty is hesitating to come; you can utilize our services to impart quality knowledge to your students. We are open to all and totally committed to take you a few notches higher in the standards.

There can be many more applications of this virtual classroom, which we will develop on the basis of the feedback we receive from the educational institutions. Please use the “Virtual Class Room” form  to contact us.

One last but most important thing, based on the package, some of the Institutions will qualify for being mentioned and promoted on some of our various blogs. We will also give coverage on our upcoming “Knowledge Korridor”  to some of the Institutions, again depending on the package.

We may not be in a position to answer request received through Linkedin, Facebook, or Google+ comments.

Please also come out with new suggestions you have regarding the applications related to the virtual classrooms.

Please use the form to contact us. We will send you the procedure for further interaction. Please use the institution email id as a contact address. We will verify each and every email id before proceeding further. We will try to reply to each and every mail as far as possible and as soon as possible. Selection will depend on the Institution’s evaluation and our capacity to deliver.

Things you should not do.

Please don’t,

1.       Ask us to send a quotation. We cannot, we do not have any readymade uniform package for all.

2.       Ask us minimum or maximum package value. There is no uniformity in price or delivery.

3.       Ask us for a free demo class. We value your time and our inputs.

4.       Ask us for a telephone detailing if you are in India.We don’t have manpower to handle it.

Ideally we would like to start with a very small group of people or institutions who have been following Shyam’s writings and are familiar with it, and in a position to entrust this responsibility to him.. Next academic year when we have the stats and success ratio we will approach the others

Best wishes,


Chief Facilitator                                                                                                                                                                   Capacity Building & Development Forum


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