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Friday, December 2, 2016

With Such A Large Population, There'll Be Queues, Says Arun Jaitley 12-03

Finance minister Arun Jaitley

• With every passing day, remonetisation process will go on: Jaitley

• India always honestly tried to improve relations with Pakistan, current PM took a lot of initiatives: Jaitley

• I think our way of conducting economy was primarily responsible: Jaitley

• Finance minister says the way things are changing, we can’t defy technology and decision of demonetisation has only accelerated this

• If you look at the temperament of this country there is always a section which is reluctant to change: Jaitley

• Demonetisation will make political funding more transparent: Arun Jaitley 

• Once remonetisation process is completed and GST is implemented, it will have a huge impact on India’s businesses: Jaitley

• 300,000 people are picked up for tax return scrutiny every year: Jaitley

• We are still at the cusp of change and therefore many people in India are trying to beat the system. The battle between them and taxman will continue: Jaitley

• World’s largest democracy is very hush-hush when it comes to political funding, says Jaitley
• Long term effects of demonetisation are going to be huge: Jaitley

• India is at a stage that we’ve been the fastest growing economy in the world, says Finance Minister

• From a developing economy to a developed one, we have come a long way in 70 years: Jaitley

• We have 23 cr e-wallets in circulation, and it started only one-and-a-half years back: Jaitley

• 80 crore debit and credit cards in circulation out of which 45 crore are in circulation. Almost 20 crore-wallets: Jaitley

• The volume of formal trade, volume of business will grow in size: Jaitley

• One of the advantages of this exercise is that you will reduce the quantum of paper currency: Jaitley

• The country at large has welcomed the demonetisation decision, says Finance Minister Jaitley

• Demonetisation had to be a closely guarded secret, says Arun Jaitley

• If you need to replace 86% of a country’s cash currency, you have to have a substantial part ready: Arun Jaitley

• Finance minister Arun Jaitley and NDTV Consulting Editor Vikramchandra have taken the stage for the first HTLS session.

Liza Donnelly, staff cartoonist with the New Yorker, is live-cartooning the sessions during the summit.

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