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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Interns,Summer jobs 10-14

We at Capacity Building & Development have been working to make the youth more enabled, more entrepreneurial & more empowered through our training pogrammes.Through our "Jobs Everywhere", we have facilitated more than a million jobs in more than hundred countries throughout the world.Since 2008, we have been conducting Campus Recruitment Pogrammes in various Academic Institutions in India for various clients. The candidates placed by us are doing well and are progressing in their career.

Now we would like to help freshers secure Internships. or Summer jobs

We need help from Corporates, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups in this regard. We will recruit the interns for you from good and reputed Academic Institutions in your country.(India or United States.).We will select and mostly do the interactions with the managements & students.through one of the video platforms.this will save us on time & costs on travel and hospitality.We select the best on the basis of Academics, Entrepreneurial skills & Innovative instincts. We will shortlist the best and forward them to you for final interview.

We have  already done a lot of research on the global Academic  Institutions on the basis of the market research data available from various sources.We have graded them on various criteria like employ-ability of the students, student staff ratios, experience,academics & teaching skills of the Faculty, the quality of curriculum and other factors.

We will select the students from the institutions best suited to your business activity.

Once we sign up the contract,& you give us your requirement. we will send you a report containing the details of the Institutions best suited for you and the reasons.together we can finalize institutions.We will approach the selected institutions and start the process.

We will charge you the actual costs and some remuneration for our time and efforts.Please note we are not recruiters & we do not have overheads. Hence the cost you would incur will be much less  than what you normally pay to the recruiter.

We request you to give us an opportunity & help us to help the students in securing meaningful intership opportunities.You can get more information about us on our blog

Capacity Building & Development

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Best Wishes,

Shyamsunder Panchavati