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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are you aspiring for "Campus Recruitment Programmes",Please read ....

We know you have done everything you could and more to get quality "Campus Recruitment Programmes" with mixed results.If you are successful in placing 100% of your students in decent organizations with decent packages,year after year, you don't need to read this article further.Best of Luck to you.

However if you are not satisfied either with the quality or quantity of the placements,please read further.

We already know that,

You have already done the following,

1. You already have a very efficient TPO
2.You have provided him lavish budgets to manage everything
3. You have engaged management consultants for training with mixed results.

Naturally, you are not very enthusiastic about another management consultant offering another "Campus Training Programmes". Right??

OK we understand that....

Just answer one question, and after that you can decide to either read further or utilize your time more fruitfully.

Have you ever utilized the services a management consultant, who has a global relevance and is connected to atleast a "Global Top Ten" institutions. A person who has a reasonably good global Klout????

(You can easily measure the global relevance of a person by going to and entering the name of the person in the top search box. You can find out my Klout by entering my full name Shyamsunder Panchavati in the search box.).

Since you have failed to utilize any of the escape routes, here is a little more about us.

We are happy to state that all the efforts put in by us in the field of education at Capacity Building & Development during the last couple of years, have borne fruit. Recognition has come to us in all the forms from various sources. Among the software giants, “CISCO India” has taken note of our quality content and are following our posts on Twitter. Many international Management Institutions and Universities are keenly following the content being developed by us. Most notable among them being the Harvard Business Review  which has invited us on their Advisory council as an advisor.  We are already on the expert panel of Mckinsey & Co. the top global management consultants.

Nice to see you being less sceptical about us,,, Thank you very much.

Now the all important statement:

We can help you to get better results for your efforts, and budgets.. Although we cannot assure you recruitment programmes from our side. we can assure you that in case we  conduct any campus recruitment drives, it will be mainly in the institutions empowered by us through FEP or NSF.

Most of the Institutions know about us and our blog,In case you don't you can visit our home page @  Capacity Building & Development and know more about us.

In order to work with us, we expect the institutions to be humble, honest, straightforward, and strictly follow the procedure laid down by us. We would like the Institutions to come out of the "Customer & Provider Syndrome" and help us restore divinity and dignity to this domain by adopting a culture of  "Knowledge seeker - Guru."  

We are perfectly alright with less number of institutions, which can trust us and respect our thinking. In view of this, we request you to refrain from the following.

Please do not ask us to;

Mail more information.

Give free presentation.  

Contact you on telephone

Please do not enrich our trash cans with unnecessary mails.

Instead, we would appreciate, if you claim your free webinar and talk to us, ask questions, and discuss one to one with Shyam. An online exclusive webinar would allow up to ten members from your institution to engage in conversation with us from their Laptops.

Claim your exclusive webinar (at a cost) Here.

View the product brochure.Here

Why do we charge for the exclusive webinar???

While we respect an organization privilege to ask questions, have discussions, and get convinced before taking a decision. We also expect the organizations to respect and value our time.

And as you already know, webinar does not impose any conditions on either of us to get into any agreements for the transfer of knowledge. Further relationship depends on the will & convenience of both the parties.

The charges for webinar ensures that only serious players avail our time, & to keep out the free riders.

Other benefits of the exclusive webinar valid till March 2013

Once you register for a webinar, you are part of our data base till March 2013, and you will enjoy the following facilities.

You will be given an email id where you can email us for any information doubts or queries.

We will give you a Skype id where you can call us and have prescheduled telephone discussions.

Once we start working together, you will be provided access to Shyam's mobile.

As a goodwill gesture, we will mail you a management article or a research report for which we have exclusive rights from one of the top five global B-Schools in the world. These articles are usually made available on payment or subscription.

We are eagerly waiting to interact with you, get ideas and enrich ourselves.

Do not search for the cost of the programme.It is not mentioned anywhere.Cost is a variable and will be intimated to you at the webinar.

Meet you at the webinar,

Best wishes,


Corporate & Employers, Please read this...

Incisive Incubators for nurturing management talent 02-22

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