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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Academic Institutions…., Get global branding and stay ahead of competition.

Management Institutions can now leverage our global branding to beat the established management & technical institutions, in quality of admissions and revenue.

Branding is not democracy where everyone can claim equality status.It is an exclusive domain driven by extraordinary people with high-end deliverable attributes. Branding creates a indelible insignia,which is visible and recognizable. The sheer force of its recall ability draws people towards it.

There are many management institutions in India who despite being honest and despite spending a huge amount on content and imparting, are finding it difficult to get sufficient student admissions and ROI. While some other institutions, just because they are either backed by well known brands or are able to tie up some brands are able to attract good student admissions and manage better ROI. What needs to be done to elevate the caliber of the students can only be done by the existing faculty of the institutions. A one day lecture by a management guru is not going to elevate the standards of the students.The quality of the fruits depends on the amount and quality of nurturing you do from the root level. And that is the basis from where our programmes start.We plan to work on the Faculty Empowerment Programme in a  consistent and persistent method through personal interactions, through webinars, through knowledge enrichment programmes. What ever is the latest in the industry will come to the faculty. We will also constantly evaluate their imbibing strengths, and customize the imparting as per the reception and absorption.

Branding & Positioning

A branding and correct positioning make the corporates and other employers look at you for recruitment possibilities.

Good and honest Institutions losing out to mediocre institutions because of lack of branding is an unfortunate situation. We would like to offer them our global branding advantage, so that they can operate in a level playing field situation in relation to the better branded institutions.

We are happy to state that all the efforts put in by us in the field of education at Capacity Building & Development during the last couple of years, have borne fruit. Recognition has come to us in all the forms from various sources. Among the software giants, “CISCO India” has taken note of our quality content and are following our posts on Twitter. Many international Management Institutions and Universities are keenly following the content being developed by us. Most notable among them being the Harvard Business Review  which has invited us on their Advisory council as an advisor.  We are already on the expert panel of Mckinsey & Co. the top global management consultants.

Armed with these accolades and recognition, we have decided to empower and enrich the management institutions in the quality of their course content and imparting standards. 

What has made the above giants notice us is now available to the academic institutions desirous of raising the bar in terms of content, imparting, and student caliber. The focus of the effort is to help the institutions to reduce the gap between Industry requirement and the Institutional output.

In order to work with us, we expect the institutions to be humble, honest, straightforward, and strictly follow the procedure laid down by us. We would like the Institutions to come out of the "Customer & Provider Syndrome" and help us restore divinity and dignity to this domain by adopting a culture of  "Knowledge seeker - Guru."  

We are perfectly alright with less number of institutions, which can trust us and respect our thinking. In view of this, we request you to refrain from the following.

Please do not ask us to;

Mail more information.

Give free presentation.  

Contact you on telephone

Please do not enrich our trash cans with unnecessary mails.

Instead, we would appreciate, if you claim your free webinar and talk to us, ask questions, and discuss one to one with Shyam. An online exclusive webinar would allow up to ten members from your institution to engage in conversation with us from their Laptops.

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How do we empower the faculty???

Faculties at the institutions are generally the people who have done their Post Graduation or PhD with good academics. However their knowledge about the methods and processes of pedagogy, the intelligences, the metacognition procedures are insufficient to handle students at undergraduate or postgraduate levels. Good subject knowledge alone doesn’t result in good imparting. Optimization in reception, imbibing and recall depend on various other factors.

Shyam who has visited number of leading educational institutions and universities, and interacted with the teacher & taught has worked on this subject and developed tools that would help in more meaningful imparting by the faculty.

How do we help you get better branding???

When we adopt your institution for brand elevation programme, we allow you to use our name in your advertisement for admission or employment. We also allow you to use the link to the page where your achievements are discussed and appreciated. We  will also mention your institution in the list of the institutions adopted by us. We continuously track the progress and discuss it in the articles published by us. The institutions that top in progress and transition become case studies for discussions internationally. Because ultimately it is your growth that gives success and success is generally shared with everyone. Considering the fact that our various blogs at CBD and third party blogs record millions views, the exposure and brand awareness generated is also relatively high. The institutions that follow our regimen of imparting will experience continuous growth in their brand equity. Good brand equity ensures relatively better paid jobs for the students.

The course content for the teachers and students is highly customized and will be finalized after the review and evaluation of their needs & standards.

Geographic Spread;

This programme has global application, and hence it is not restricted by geographic constraints. If the institutions can afford the transport and hospitality for our team, we do not mind spending a few hours in travelling. No region gets a preference or neglect. It is purely mutual acceptance
& trust by us and institution that decides everything.

The procedure

Interested institutions will have to claim their exclusive webinar as per the procedure.
Up to ten people can log into the webinar from the concerned institution. After the introduction and presentation by us, the participants will be allowed to ask questions, clarify doubts, or they can also ask for a repeat of the parts of the presentation.

Once the institutions are convinced, Shyam will travel to the institution and conduct a two day programme. On the first day, A three hour interactive imparting session for the faculty on pedagogy will be conducted. The afternoon session will consist of public speaking by the faculty and debate on the any chosen topic. This will be followed by analysis of the imparting on all parameters.

On day two Shyam will voluntarily conduct a free three hour session for the students on Entrepreneurial Leadership. Institutions will not be charged for this.

The cost for this programme will informed to the institutions during the webinar.

Once we complete this, we will sit with the management assess their needs and work out short and long term plans. Depending on the plan the costs will be worked out.

As we discuss with the institutions, ideas will evolve, and so also the programme.

Why do we charge for the exclusive webinar???

While we respect an organization privilege to ask questions, have discussions, and get convinced before taking a decision. We also expect the organizations to respect and value our time.

And as you already know, webinar does not impose any conditions on either of us to get into any agreements for the transfer of knowledge. Further relationship depends on the will & convenience of both the parties.

The charges for webinar ensures that only serious players avail our time, & to keep out the free riders.

You will be given an email id where you can email us for any information doubts or queries.

We will give you a Skype id where you can call us and have prescheduled telephone discussions.

Once we start working together, you will be provided access to Shyam's mobile.

As a goodwill gesture, we will mail you a management article for which we have exclusive rights from one of the top five global B-Schools in the world. These articles are usually made available on payment or subscription.

We are eagerly waiting to interact with you, get ideas and enrich ourselves.

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Best wishes,


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Incisive Incubators for nurturing management talent

Corporates and employers, please help us create Incisive Incubators for nurturing talent to take over responsibilities raise the bar and set new horizons of growth and prosperity.

The quality of curriculum and imparting is a frequently bemoaned subject. So also is the gulf between standards required by the industry and the standards delivered by the academia. Industry has to absorb huge losses in terms of money and time spent in gestation period that is spent in training the new entrants.

Don’t you think, we should come out of all these, and treat time and investment with more respect????