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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Talgo high-speed trains for Indian Railways’ Delhi-Mumbai route: 7 things to know 05-25

Talgo high-speed trains for Indian Railways’ Delhi-Mumbai route: 7 things to know

Hold your horses, passenger! We may soon get to enjoy the luxury of Spanish coaches on the Rajdhani and Shatabdi express trains.

Indian Railways is all set to experiment with high speed Talgo trains which, if successful, will lead to the replacement of the existing LHB coaches with these fancy Spanish beauties.

The first Talgo train trail run is expected to head from Mumbai to Delhi. If all goes well with it, following gauging results, Talgo trains will be rolled out on the other routes.

What is Talgo?

Talgo is one of the leading companies in the Spanish railway sector. It started out in May 1941, and has now has businesses almost all around the world. Talgo's headquarters lie in Madrid, Spain.
Here's all you need to know about the Talgo trains that we are about to welcome on our railway tracks:

1. A Talgo 250 can run at the speed of 250 kmph. However, trials in India will only be conducted at 150-160 kmph.

2. Its lighter trains can cut travel time by 30 per cent. In fact, Talgo trains are expected to cover the Mumbai-Delhi stretch by 12 hours, unlike the Rajdhani which takes 17 hours.

3. Talgo train coaches would save up to Rs 1 crore as compared to the LHB coaches used in Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains. They are also said to require "less maintainance".

4. Unlike that for Japanese bullet trains, no major overhauling of tracks is said to be required for running Talgo trains in India.

5. Amenities like footrests, reading lights, tables, audio entertainment control, etc. are provided for every individual seat. The trains also come with monitors for video entertainment.

6. Talgo trains have the technology to keep interiors pleasant even when the temperature outside crosses 50 degree Celsius or drops below -20 degree Celsius.

7. Talgo's official website also promises shower units, in-house restaurant and a cafeteria car for pasenger coaches.

8. Talgo trains' can also reduce Railways' energy bill by 30 per cent, as its "reduced weight and inalterability against atmospheric agents is translated into lower energy consumption".

9. Talgo 250 was the first high speed train to run in Central Asia. In Uzbekistan, it runs on a daily basis.

10. Pretty and efficient, yes, but these fancy Talgo trains will make train travel more expensive than it is now.

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