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Friday, April 17, 2015

Quantum Code Breaker, How prepared is the IT Industry?? Quantum Cryptography,How close we are to it.?? 04-18

Quantum Code Breaker, How prepared is the IT Industry?? Quantum Cryptography, How close we are to it.???

From China to USA and from Russia to Europe, the race is on to construct the first Quantum Code Breaker, as the winner will hold the key to the entire Internet. From trans-national multibillion-dollar financial transactions to top-secret government and military communications, all would be vulnerable to the secret-code-breaking ability of the Quantum Computer that can run Shor's Quantum Factoring alogrithm. Those Quantum computers that can implement the new mathematics could quickly break our most sophisticated encryption codes protecting the internet based secure information, banking and payment transactions.
Given the powerful governments' development of quantum information science, the race to build the world’s first Quantum Computer for universal code-breaking continues to get red hot. What do the major governments seek? The governments' quest is to build a Quantum Computer capable of solving complex mathematical problems and hacking the public-key encryption codes used to secure the Internet. A universal 21st century Bletchley Park solution, if one imagines, for the new Enigma-type encryption of the internet. This refers to Shor’s quantum factoring algorithm, which can be utilised to unveil the encrypted communications of the entire Internet if a Quantum Computer is built to run the algorithm.
Most of our personal data is protected by complex encryption systems such as the widely used RSA algorithm, but these systems may have to change owing to an unexpected threat from quantum physics. Chaoyang Lu at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei and co-workers have already developed and demonstrated a photonic Quantum Computer that can quickly crack the RSA code -- a task that would take hundreds of years on current supercomputers.
In theory, the huge prime number 'keys' hidden by RSA can be found using a routine called Shor's algorithm. However, Shor's algorithm requires several calculations to be performed at the same time, which is only possible with Quantum Computers that use Quantum Bits (QuBits), which can be in a superposition of multiple logical states (an entangled state). Schrödinger’s cat and the notion of Quantum Entanglement is at the heart of it all. Quantum Entanglement has to be viewed in the historical context of Einstein’s 30-year battle with the physics community over the true meaning of Quantum Theory.
At more or less the same time as in China, an almost identical experiment was performed independently at the University of Queensland in Australia, implying that the technique is robust. By learning to manipulate more Qubits, researchers could eventually unlock larger numbers and explore an entirely new realm of mathematics. Philosophically, what are the ramifications of quantum technologies? Other key products and applications include: Quantum physics simulators, synchronised clocks, quantum search engines, quantum sensors and imaging devices.
What is the remedy to the threat posed by the Quantum code breaker? Quantum cryptography, which is unbreakable even by the Quantum Computer!