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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

10 Reasons that Smartphone Addiction Make Life Miserable 01-07

10 Reasons that Smartphone Addiction Make Life Miserable

Today we all are around many gadget. Those gadgets are invented to make life better. But instead of this we all depended on them much. 

Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, career or economic status, everyone probably packing a smartphone right now. In fact, 56 percent of all total population of Americans own smart smart phone.

Today the phone, computer, tablet and other high tech devices have now become not just an object, but for many a best friend who stay together all time. 
Does this smartphone really helpful for us??? I guess no.

Here are 10 reasons which spoil your life- 

1) highly dependent on phone - 

With every passing day, technology is overtaking our daily lives. for each small task we are dependent on phone. Very few fellow remember the phone number of others as we forgot to dial. Average number of people are wearing watch for name sake as mobile has its own watch.

For news or information we are highly dependent on phone....

 Most suffer from anxiety if they lose their phone, even for a few minutes. We rely on mobile so much that do everything from saying "I love you" to breaking up, from checking bank balances to investing, from sharing photos of the grandchild to sexting. 

It is like  carrying out a plethora of daily tasks, right from the palm of our hand. 

2) Distrub to Personal life - 

Don't so shocked when I say this to you . most of people behave very annoy at the dinner table by constantly check for texts, emails, tweets and Facebook updates. even checking phone is become so important that in darkened theater, there are several who are multi-tasking while watching the movie.

This is not with men...even  women who used  to go to the Ladies' Room in pairs, they now take their phone instead.... 

This become very common over dinner, in religious function, while driving, at one of our kid's performances and even when we talk to face to face conversation the smartphone is also involved to keep you in tune and in touch. 

3) Threat to Privacy 

This is very shocking but very true story, Now many smarty are carryings their smartphones into the bedroom and texting while having sex.

 This is amazingly annoying but it show in recently released study indicated one in ten participants admitted to having used their phone during sex. 

The bedroom isn't the only place where smartphone is making its presence but most used their smartphone all where they can.... 

The 2013 Mobile Consumer Habits found 12 percent use their beloved devices in the shower. Worse still, more than 50 percent found that they still text while driving, which is six time more dangerous than drunk driving .... 

Many divorce case is filed just because of smartphone. It is kind of third person in life. Couple found cheating each other as they have virtual life too which keep disturbing their personal life too.. 

Ok. Do we really have to talk, text, tweet or post while taking a shower or having sex? i guess no... Why dont u understand it stolen your privacy.....

4) Mobile Phobia

Smartphone dependency make you numb day by day. Your all task now carried forward by smartphone. This lead to new kind of phobia. 

The term mobile phobia is now a days on trend. It is fear of being without your phone: nomophobia -- as in no- mo(bile) phone-phobia------ that rush of anxiety and fear when you realize you are disconnected- out of the loop with friends, family, work and the world. 

Condition such as no connection, a dead battery, no minutes, losing your phone. make you distrub and feeling like lost in world. 

According to research from Versapak, 41% of British feel anxious and not in control when detached from their smartphone or tablet and 51% says to suffering from "extreme tech anxiety" at one time or another. Leon Edwards of Versapak stated: "Being disconnected from technology is surprisingly stressful. There's often a feeling of missing out, as we worry about what's going on … without our knowledge." 

According to another poll by SecurEnvoy, 70 percent of women have phone separation anxiety, as opposed to 61 percent of men. Now, I doubt we're going to see this phobia in the DSM anytime soon, but the anxiety revolving around smartphones (or lack thereof) is very real. 

Smartphone addicted people often has following symptoms - 

# Feeling anxious whenever you are away from smartphone. 

# Constantly checking smartphone phone for new texts, WhatsApp, Facebook update etc. You will feel looser if u missed to like, share or comment. 

# Did you feel that your phone just vibrated, and you felt it. Yet looking at the phone, you realize it's a false alarm. Phantom cellphone vibration syndrome is real, and it's a symptom of addiction.

5) Disturb to Pofessional Life

 Another interesting aspect here is it's not so important that the boss wants that report on his desk by 10 a.m. But it is very important to know that friends's friend just gave birth to a new prince. 

Than lots of sharing and wishes and here at office you missed deadline too.. 
We continuous watching phone for some new update. this actually distract focus on job and we keep doing error again and again. 

Continuous use of smartphone during office hour can stop your appraisal too. 
Many use smartphone during meeting and this send wrong message to speecher and difficult to build reputation on boss. 

You're not listening or responding to colleague. In fact, you have no idea what other person in front of you is talking about and Why he is sitting on your head? Because you keep checking your Facebook page, tweets and texts.

6) Spoiling Love relationship 

Yes!! Your addiction to smartphone can spoil relationship between couple, friends and groups. Through WhatsApp, Facebook and twitter you can connect many new people this make your partner jealous and create the doubt on your character too. 

Through social media many fake friend keep annoying your personal life. 

The comparison between two people oftenly happening. During personal text exchange if partner find his loved one also involve in other chat than this hurt n spoil trust between couple. 

Most of time due to technical error message either missed or late delivered can create doubt. WhatsApp online status can spoil relationship. 

7) Poor skills development 

Due to high dependence on smartphone, person get lazy and his brain was stop thinking .. New ideas are blocked. 

All dependency on apps make you fool like monkey who dance as master instruction. 

Victim of mobile phobia can lears to distrub brain and neurological disorder 

8) Access to unwanted information 

Smartphone unlock the grey world of internet. Pronography gambling and cheating text are easily shared and access. This spoil character and leads to crime.

 Kid are not suppose to use smartphone as it block their growth. They are new to grey world and easily fall in prey of internet world. 

9) Nothing is private 

Yes it is absolutely true statement. Smartphone steal all your data and store to server. As you know android required gmail to access further.

By this it steal all data store under that Id. Your images data and video are acknowledge privately. 

These data are sold to multinationals marketing company for market research. 
Through GPS it detected your location and flash those ads for more sales. 

10) Myth is smartphone user are smart

 Yes it is myth that smartphone user are smart enough. As survey show only 15% of smartphone user utilize phone 80% for day to day activity. rest smartphone user are only limited to few application. Just like in India WhatsApp and facebook user are increasing very high speed. Among them 99% and 70% users are using smartphone to get login respectively. so this show smartphone user are now buying phone for Facebook and WhatsApp doesn't mean that WhatsApp and Facebook is great networking tool but this is just because people are now looking more connection and friends virtually... 

Smartphone is capable to do so many things and can make your life amazing but the users are so clueless that they buy phone without their usages...

Threat to Nation

Due to radio signals and mobile phobia Health and human thinking disorder are raised. The phone are invaded to communicate with known person but smartphone change it definition to communicate with any people by any mean. Instead of calling we do game, play and chatting.

The smartphone are also threat for developing country like India where mass believe more on WhatsApp or Facebook false post more than national channel DOORDARSHAN... 

It easily spark dissatisfaction and anger on group of people. The hate message,vulgar post, nude content are share in speed of light.... And it easily spoil anyone image.. this also harm the unity of society as people more believe in messages passed by people. no one has time to go theater but new released movie are shared and viewed in local train in group. 

It limited to our thinking power. Restrict creativity and fade away our cultural value. 

Although Smartphone successfully connect many people but at same time it increase dependency also..the value of relation is loosing due to multiple relation. Cheating in marriage, friendship are become common. The privacy of people are violated. The user data are used and shared by many ecommerce website. 
It is very true that smartphone make your life miserable. smartphonr invation is make life better and easy. But this is not going to happen. 

Smartphone can be use for everything or nothing, choice is your...but please make note that poor maintained relationship can make you actually alone though you have many virtual friends but wont help you as your true relationship is not virtual...

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