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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Top 10 Universities in US 12-25

Top 10 Universities in US

If you are interested to study in US, it is no surprise because US beholds the image of being the leading destination for international students. You will be amazed by the sheer volume and variety of universities in the US, but can get puzzled when asked to choose from a lengthy list. To make things easy for you, here is a comprehensive guide on 10 best universities in the US.
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Rank 10# Duke University

It was founded in 1838. It merged with Trinity College in 1924.
  • Location – Durham
  • Specialty – Duke University underwent both physical and academic expansion when it got merged with Trinity College. The original campus is now known as East campus.
  • Student Strength – It has 10 schools and colleges with over 50,000 students

Rank 9# University of Pennsylvania

It is recognized for its excellence in scholarship, research and service. It was founded in 1740.
  • Location – Philadelphia
  • Specialty – The campus is the place where students and faculty can pursue knowledge without boundaries.
  • Student Strength – It is home to 20,600 full-time and 4,000 part-time students.

Rank 8# Columbia University

It is one of the most important centers of research along with a comfortable learning environment.
  • Location – New Work
  • Specialty – It has US president Barack Obama among its alumni. It awards the annual literacy Pulitzer Prize and boasts more Nobel Prize winners than any other institution.
  • Student Strength – It has 6,084 undergraduate students along with 13 graduate and professional schools.

Rank 7# Yale University

It is the America’s third oldest university, founded in 1701.
  • Location – New Haven
  • Specialty – It has nurtured five US presidents and 17 Supreme Court justices. The library of this university has around 12.5 million books.
  • Student Strength – It has total undergraduate enrollment of 5,430.

Rank 6# University of Chicago

It was established in 1890 by the American Baptist Education Society.
  • Location – Chicago
  • Specialty – The Chicago School of Economics under the university developed Milton Friedman’s pro-market philosophy.
  • Student Strength – Over 5,659 undergraduates enroll under this university that has 125 research institutes and centers.

Rank 5# Princeton University

It is the fourth oldest university in the US, founded in 1746.
  • Location – Princeton
  • Specialty – It boasts of more than 30 Nobel laureates among its past faculty and alumni.
  • Student Strength – It is home to around 5,000 undergraduate, 2,500 postgraduates and more than 1,100 academics.

Rank 4# Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT)

Founded in 1861, it focuses on advance knowledge to serve the nation and the world of 21st century.
  • Location – Cambridge
  • Specialty – This university has produced more than 70 Nobel laureates in 150 years, eight of who are still associated with the faculty body.
  • Student Strength – It has more than 10,000 students along with 34 academic departments, divisions and degree programs.

Rank 3# Stanford University

It is the US’s most selective university, founded in 1891.
  • Location – Stanford
  • Specialty – The alumni of this university has founded multinational giants like Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Google.
  • Student Strength – It has 7,000 undergraduate and around 4,000 graduate students.

Rank 2# Harvard University

This university is acknowledged for its excellence in teaching learning and research in many disciplines, founded in 1636.
  • Location – Cambridge
  • Specialty – It is the oldest academic institute in the US. It has the global academy’s largest financial endowment.
  • Student Strength – Over 20,000 degree candidates.

Rank 1# California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Caltech aims at expanding human knowledge and benefit the society through research integrated with education. Established in 1891.
  • Location – Pasadena, CA
  • Specialty – It manages the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for NASA, owns and operates a global network of astronomical observatories and research facilities.
  • Student Strength – It is home to around 2,300 students.
All these above universities have world-class infrastructure, academic body, facilities and research opportunities that can help you to gain expertise in your subject or field of study.

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