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Friday, November 20, 2009

Empowerment through Employment

My DearYoung Indians,

India was never as young as it is today. With more than
55 Crores (550 million) youth population. Just imagine what a force the
empowered youth of India can be in the world scenario. But are they empowered ???

Real empowerment lies in employment. This is the field many organizations are
doing valuable work. Especially our Ex-president Bharat Ratna Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has been leading various organizations
throughout the country. Having the good fortune of working under his guidance
for Lead India 2020 foundation, I have tried to put into practice the lesions learned
from him during the one year of association with him. I have been working
tirelessly for the last few years. During the last one year, I have been
successful in facilitating jobs for 8,000 people across 30, countries round the
world, including a significant number in India too. Please visit my website to
view the jobs advertised by me.

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But one area where I have not been able to contribute much is the employment
for the college fresh students. With the economic situation being what it is,
and the campus recruitments getting thinner by day, and the recruiting
companies not keeping their word, the situation has assumed alarming
proportions for the students and college management. I am working on project
that addresses this problem without any costs to the students and the college management.

Before I proceed further, let me introduce myself. I am Shyamsunder Panchavati with more than 35 years experience in
various management positions, and sixteen years at senior management position. As
mentioned earlier, I had the good fortune of working for Bharat Ratna Dr.
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's Lead India 2020
Foundation as the Chief Administrative

Lead India Movement

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I am a well established writer internationally on management and leadership
topics. I am Registered Educator on Harvard Business School Publishing
department, a level one contributor to current TV UK. A search on Google with
my full name would reveal all my writings and jobs posts. I have been
interacting with about 600 organizations globally, and they have been kind
enough to send me their vacancies which I have posted for people to view and

my Articles

What is Empowerment through Employment?

This is a programme for empowerment of students in different streams of
Graduation by facilitating employment to them, I have started a networking
site, where the students will be able to create their profiles and update it as
per the need. The database thus collected will be promoted en-mass to the
employers. This is a process to bring
the employer and the jobseeker on a
virtual common platform for mutual benefit.

How the College Managements can help?

Please circulate this to your students or forward this mail. Let them join the
network if they feel like it. Capacity Building-Development.

 Capacity Building
& Development

They can create their CV as per instructions in the Group "Jobs
everywhere". They can create a group for their college, and contribute
value to the discussions.

Depending on the availability of time, I have decided to accept speaking
assignments to ignite the hidden potential in the youth. I am prepared to
travel to the remotest corner of the country to interact with the students.
Managements have to take care of my expenses.

My dates for speaking assignments are available after November 25th 2009.

The feed back form can be used to seek more details on the
project or details about my dates for speaking assignment. Please do not use
this form to send me your CV or job requests.Thye will be ignored.


This interaction with you gives me the confidence that I will succeed in the
project whatever the difficulties. Thanks in advance for all the cooperation
that I may receive from you in future.

With Best wishes,


Shyamsunder Panchavati

 Capacity Building &